You're poised to take a big step, and cash in on all the blood, sweat, and tears you've invested in your craft.

Now's the time to gain much-needed clarity over where you're going with your business - and the tools you're using to build the life you've imagined.

So let’s put down the camera for a sec and really get our mindset—and our business—right.

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The creatives, and business folks, I admire the most are the ones ACTUALLY making a profit year after year with their craft. They invest in themselves, they believe in one-on-one coaching but they also know consuming to-the-point education is the key to their success. (reg. $249)

What if you could break free of habits that keep your shoots teetering on disaster because of lack of preparation or false bravado?

In truth, that’s the first step to creating  a photography business that can sustain the next decade (or two, or three, or four) of your career.

All too often, however, we develop bad habits, and let them become our go-to practice. Our lack of preparation when we’re young is accepted by small, inexperienced clients as a necessary element of working with a ‘creative’ person.

We feel rewarded for this behaviour, and don’t train it out of our business and psyche. Sadly, this behaviour becomes the glass ceiling that prevents us from breaking through to working with seasoned, professional clients.

You see, most people in our industry aren't exactly attuned to changing up habits that seem to work for them. If they’re stuck in a rut, they explain it away as part and parcel of ‘suffering for art.’

I’ve spent years, and done plenty of learning and soul searching. I’ve developed a methodology for running a truly professional shoot. And I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes along the way.

What's inside?

50 + Different Modules

Included in the course

Including modules on mindset, pitching, quoting, location scouting and document development, business setup as well as Photo Breakdown videos which give you the inside scoop on how I colour grade and process images and lastly downloadable PDF's and templates provide you with the tools to set yourself up for success in this highly competitive industry.

42 Page PDF Workbook


Download this 42 Page course workbook that is complete with exercises and guidance to help you understand, incorporate, and develop your skills. You'll also gain access to ready-to-use templates that you can customize with your own branding and implement into your business in a matter of minutes.

A Conversation with Jeff Duke from LL Supply Co


A 45 min conversation with Jeff Duke (you can also see it below) giving you the brands perspective on what stands out when photographers approach them as well as templates and downloads from the course.

Templates & Presets


25 Lightroom Presets, and over a dozen templates (mood boards, call sheets, shot lists, email templates, release forms, waivers, to use in your business.

Select Clients



"I've taken multiple different workshops, this is the first one that is 100% transparent into the way Mackenzie run's his business. He fills the gaps on the commercial side where a lot of photographers don't have experience. How to talk to clients like a professional, how to run a professional shoot, all the ins and outs of usage and licensing. Yes he covers composition, editing, and all those other things but for me this workshop was exactly what I needed to take my career to the next level." 

- London Harmon, Student

"Mackenzie has spent nearly a decade and a half as a professional photographer, making him the ideal person to educate talented artists on things they may not be privy to, like the nitty gritty aspects of working on a set. And who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to learn from someone who’s worked with brands like Starbucks, Puma, and GQ?"

- Wonderful Machine, NYC

Watch Intro Video

A Conversation with Jeff Duke from LL Supply Co

A Brands Perspective:

A Brands Perspective


I’ve had a wonderful, long relationship with Jeff Duke, the founder of L/L Supply, a surf / lifestyle brand headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. I believe the level of trust Jeff has shown in my ability to bring his brand to life has pushed me to take my shooting to the next level - a perfect symbiotic relationship!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 0 - Introductions

    • M0-1 Welcome to the Course

    • M0-2 The Course PDF Download

  • 02

    Module 1 - Preparing For Success

    • Module 1: Learning Goals

    • M1-0 Preparing for Success

    • M1-1 Inquiries into Bookings

    • M1-2 Email Template

    • M1-3 Quoting

    • M1-4 Tips from my Agent

    • M1-5 Building Your Teams

    • M1-6 Gear

    • M1-7 Connecting with Clients

    • Expert Advice: Creative Call

    • Expert Advice: Prospect List Services

    • Expert Advice: Pricing & Negotiations Case Study #1

  • 03

    Module 2 - Pre-production

    • Module 2 - Learning Goals

    • M2-0 Pre-Production Intro

    • M2-1 Location Scouting

    • M2-2 Documents Intro

    • M2-3 Documents Walk Through

    • M2-4 Props

    • M2-5 Example Equipment List

    • Pre-Production Quiz

  • 04

    Module 3 - Shoot Day

  • 05

    Module 4 - Post Production

    • Learning Goals

    • M4-1 Post Production Intro

    • M4-2 File Naming

    • M4-3 Backing Up

    • Photo Breakdown - FarFetch / LA

    • Photo Breakdown - Mexico

    • M4-6 File Export & Delivery

    • Riff: Finding Your Style

    • Production Quiz

  • 06

    Module 5 - Business

    • M5-1 Business Setup / Insurance

    • M5-2 Sponsorship Deals / Influencer Work

    • M5-3 Revenue Streams

    • M5-4 Business Book Recommendations

    • M5-5 Accounting/Invoicing

    • M5-6 Waivers / Release Forms (download)

  • 07

    Bonuses, Downloads & Exercises


'I couldn’t recommend this course enough. With so many online learning opportunities out there, I wanted to take a lesson that I felt could definitely add some real value, especially with the business side of photography. This course definitely did that and Mackenzie's teaching style is really clear and easy to understand.'

- Matthew Wild


'The transparency of this workshop is so refreshing! It really opens up your mind to the possibilities of where you can take your career." 

- Johann Vincent

Try the Lifestyle Photo Pro Workshop for 60 days with my no-questions-asked full refund policy.

My intention for this program is to create life long change in the way you create photos and show up for your clients. I've worked with dozens of up and coming photographers over the years and seen these tools completely transform the way they run their businesses.

That's why I'm extending my 30-day money back guarantee to 60 days. No questions asked. If you aren't happy, I'll fully refund you.

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